Geoffrey Beene has added a new chapter to its legendary company history by creating a philanthropic future with GBGB Geoffrey Beene Gives Back®.

The GBGB Geoffrey Beene Gives Back mission supports the fight against cancer to save lives. The Geoffrey Beene Foundation together with Geoffrey Beene LLC, has funded over 110 separate new revolutionary research initiatives across all cancers to develop new treatments for cancer patients. This innovative philanthropic approach is a company pledge across the Geoffrey Beene brand that today encompasses a wide range of men’s products including dress shirts, neckwear, tailored clothing, leather goods and accessories, loungewear, eyewear, luggage, and men’s fragrance. The Geoffrey Beene brand is known for style and comfort offering value to its consumers. The Geoffrey Beene brand is sold in over 2,500 retailers across the United States and distributed in over 30 countries worldwide.

Geoffrey Beene Foundation
In Its Fight
Against Cancer
To Save Lives